The Sunrise Side

Oscoda, Michigan

This is the beach in Oscoda where we were staying at. Oscoda has a beautiful public beach for you to enjoy their sunrises. We didn’t get up fast enough to drive down there. Here’s a tip: when you google what the sunrise time is, go half an hour earlier at least. I like to see the sun slowly bursting onto the dark sky. Even though we were a little earlier than google told us, we were too late to see that. However, it was still spectacular.

These pictures are of Lake Huron (in case you don’t know where Oscoda is).

I’ll let you guess by this picture and the next ones, who came to see the sunrise.

Seaweed anyone? (I’d rather have popcorn).

That’s all for who came to see the sunrise. We weren’t at a public beach, so we were the only ones there except for a couple of morning walkers.

I was only up north for two nights. I was worried the sky would be overcast and I wouldn’t get good pictures, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was amazing.

The above pictures were the morning of October 5th, 2022. The next ones were of October 6th.

We got up early enough to drive to Oscoda’s public beach and still get a shot of the sky while dark. Lucky for you, my battery was low so I only took a few pictures this time.

Doesn’t this look cool? It reminds me of cat eyes, perhaps the grinch thinking about stealing Christmas.

How wonderful to wake up and see such beautiful sights. It gets your day off to a good start. There’s nothing like Michigan’s Great Lakes!

4 Thoughts

  1. Great post, Mary! And good tip about arriving 30 minutes before sunrise. The one photo does look like the Grinch’s eyes. Your photos are spectacular! When we watch the sunset in Michigan, everyone leaves right when the sun goes down. But if you stay about 15 minutes, the sky is often spectacular – the best part! Watching the sun come up or go down in Michigan is one of the best things in life. A miracle that happens twice a day!

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    1. This is what I heard someone would do on the weekend with their boyfriend. (I think they lived up by Saginaw). They would get up early and drive to Lake Huron to see the sunrise. They would have breakfast over there. Then, they would drive up 23 to Mackinaw City, see the sites and then drive down the west side of the mitten seeing the sites over there. They would have a picnic lunch packed and pick a park to eat at. They would watch the sun set on Lake Michigan and then when they were ready to go home, they would zip across the state back home. That’s one way to get a sunrise and sunset in the same day. You could probably do that also in Traverse City; see the sunrise on Grand Traverse Bay and the sunset on Lake Michigan. If you want both, there are ways to make it happen! (Many small peninsulas in Michigan.) Michigan has numerous scenic turn-outs and roadside parks that are fabulous.

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