Iargo Springs

When you go to Iargo Springs you have to remember to…

Look up.

Look down.

And all around.

Iargo Springs is on River Road, west of Oscoda, Michigan. It’s along the AuSable River. When you go out on the platform on the left, you get a spectacular view of the AuSable. If you take the steps on the right, you get to walk down 300 steps to a paradise with amazing views.

Doesn’t that look like fun? It’s quite a walk back up, but it’s worth it.

I’ve never seen these before. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me in the comments. Thanks!

Some of the boardwalks down there lead out to the AuSable for a variety of views.

Look how clear the water is here. The light filtering through the trees (where it can) does fun things like this.

Linda spotted this furry little guy.

There were several trees like this growing all by their self on a stump.

In this one section of the river bank, the pines were narrow and pointy.

The trees here were so tall that the sunlight would filter through and shine a spotlight on selected plants.

This is what you see from the viewing deck when you come back up those steps (or before you go down.) We were there the first week in October. The colors were just starting to pop out here, but other parts of the northeast mitten, the colors were in full bloom. You just never know when the colors will peak.

River Rd. runs along the AuSable River and there are several scenic turn-outs. If you keep heading east, you get the added benefit of running into Lake Huron. You’ll love the east side of our state!

3 Thoughts

  1. Beautiful, Mary! I love the picture of the light reflections in the water. The only thing I didn’t like was the 300 steps up! To be honest, I have never been to the eastern side of Michigan. It does look beautiful, and Fall is so colorful!

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    1. Everyone goes to the west side it seems. They have the sunsets (Lake Michigan) and most people don’t want to get up early to see sunrises on their vacations. They want to sleep in. (I understand that.) The west side also has more sandy beaches and sand dunes, which brings more people. So…. If you like peace and quiet, nature, beautiful scenery and a relaxing, slow pace; you might like the east side. There’s much to see there.

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