Creatures and Art

There are lots of creative people in the north-east mitten area. This was painted on the side of a building in Tawas.

Ronnies Nursery

I saw dragons roaming the streets in Greenbush.

They say Big Foot doesn’t exist, so who is this?

The above two creatures can be found at Ronnie’s nursery in Greenbush, Michigan.

This was on the pier in Oscoda.

This is a better close-up. This was painted on the back of a business in Oscoda.

Isn’t this the coolest out-house you’ve ever seen?

If you liked those sculptures, here’s the information you’ll need. These were the prices listed as of October 6th, 2022.

I like to give credit where credit is due. In Tawas there’s a restaurant called The Lazy Toaster. They have a killer breakfast to get your day started right.

In Oscoda the Hilltop Bar and Grill has great food.

In Mio you have to go to the Mio Saloon. Great food there too.

If you’re in Michigan, enjoy the nature and the artwork, but be careful of dragons, big foot and who-knows what else is out there. Have fun!

6 Thoughts

  1. So glad you enjoyed your stop at the Lazy Toaster! We enjoyed serving you! We love our slice of heaven that is Tawas! The beauty at times is breathtaking.

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    1. That’s the second time I’ve been there. The breakfasts are flavored and seasoned just right. And I can’t forget to mention the amazing and friendly service! I’ll be back! (Also for the scenery in Tawas. It definitely is breathtaking – I agree.)


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