About Me


Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to get started. I dubbed myself Michigan Mary for this blog because I’ve lived in Michigan all my life and I love it here. I will be sharing my poems, short stories and my travels in Michigan with you. When I began to research this wonderful state, I was amazed at what I found. I didn’t realize, and perhaps you didn’t either, how much Michigan has to offer.  We have mountains, hundreds of waterfalls, breathtaking shorelines, sandy beaches, dunes and much more. I want to take you exploring with me.

If you’re wondering why I have three names listed at the top of this page, I will explain. It’s been my dream to be an author and under my BOOKS tab, I want to take you with me on that journey too. I read an article where the author suggested that if you are writing for children and adults, you should have two pen names. I thought it was good advice. I want to use my legal name, Mary Kay Diffin, for my children’s books and Mary K. Eastman for anything for adults. I am now in my final editing stages for a novel and I’m going to have it published. It takes place in – Michigan of course! Well, enough babbling. Enjoy the journey!

2019 UPDATE:

My book, Return to Sleeping Bear, has now been published; by Mary K. Eastman. It’s available at Amazon.com

Many thanks to all of you who have supported me!