The Picture Perfect Pond

We almost drove past this pond, but then we saw that there was a little dirt parking lot, so we stopped and I’m glad we did.

I think we were going west, heading towards Glennie when we saw this pond.

This was amazing. That log, along with the reflection in the water, looks like a man lying on his side. I sent this photo to my sister Julie and she said if you flip it the other way, it looks like a guitar and it does!

It’s not a pond if there’s not any lily pads.

Love the reflections.

Awww. They looked like they wanted to be left alone. We stayed a short while, then said good-bye.

5 Thoughts

    1. It just floored me. For a second I wondered if someone put it there on purpose. It was so perfect, but I believe it just happened. Site-seeing and traveling never gets boring. There’s always many things to amaze.

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