Michigan Campgrounds

Michigan has great campgrounds. I’m just showing you two of them on the north-east side.

I was surprised how secluded this cabin was. There wasn’t another site right next to it. No neighbors breathing down your neck. We peeked in the window and it’s very bare bones. Some bunk beds and shelter, but the view is spectacular. There’s a fire pit too.

If you get a site for a tent or camper, you will have neighbors by you if it’s a busy time of year. It wasn’t crowded at all when we were there, but it was the first week of October. The above are all pictures of Alcona Park Campground. The next one is Old Orchard on the AuSable River.

There are many campgrounds I could have posted, but Old Orchard has memories for me of my kids when they were little. We had a great time there.

Looks like someone might be a Michigan fan.

Ahhhh. Well, I guess I’ll sign off while reliving and enjoying my memories.

10 Thoughts

    1. God definitely had his “hand” on Michigan and smacked it good! If you’re going to argue about what the “M” is for, don’t come to where I work. There are great debates amongst the football fans there whether U. of M or Michigan State is the best. I was trying to be funny once and said I was a Western Michigan University fan. I think they still think I’m insane.

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    1. Yes, I like to have shelter too and that cabin does provide that, but for those looking for luxuries, they might want a hotel or at least a camper. A cabin would be great for me! The setting at that cabin was perfect. I love a campfire too!

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    1. Definitely! I picked the first week in October because I thought the colors would be peaking. They’re a little late this year. By lake Huron there was still a lot of green, but heading west inland there was some color popping out. It was so enjoyable. I wish I could go again!


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