Winter in St. Joseph, Michigan

The Pier in St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joe’s is on Lake Michigan. Do you need any more reason to come visit?

This city has plenty of memorials, sculptures and remarkable scenery to look at.

This beautiful walkway was right across from where we stayed.

How can you not smile when you see Frosty?

Ben King was a poet who was born in St. Joseph. This is a part of his poem about the placid Old River St. Joe!

This is where we spent the night. Because it was a Monday in January, they weren’t real busy, so Patrick up-graded us at no extra charge. We had a room on the top (6th) floor with a great view of the lights and Lake Michigan in the distance. He also let us know about things to see and do in the city. Thank you Patrick! (I highly recommend this place.)

Here LIes a Part of our Lives

Here Lies a Part of Our Lives.

On a cold and rainy Sunday, I travelled with my family to a park on a bluff, but I felt warm inside. I heard the sounds of helicopters off in the distance. There were flags flying, music playing, and men giving speeches, but my family was crying. I heard the sound of rifles and a song echoed over the bluff.

As my family walked away, I turned to see where they were going. I saw a black granite stone with my name on it, and then I knew why I was warm. I was home.

Berrien County Vietnam Veterans Family and Friends.

I liked this poem. What a great tribute for our service men and women and the sacrifices they make.

Me and Linda. Friends make trips so much fun.

They had this beautiful fountain.

Checkers any one?

In memory of our brave firemen and firewomen.

I was curious about that big star in the middle. I thought it was a water park because of the things on the side, but there was nothing in the middle. I had to ask and was told that it is a water park and in the summer there’s a big fountain in the middle. You could spend the day at the beach and then let the kids play here to get the sand off before they get in the car. Perfect.

If you’re not a winter person and these pictures aren’t convincing you to come to St. Joseph, try to picture a warm, summer day with a cool breeze coming off the lake, people swimming and laughing, the trees are green and the flowers are in bloom. I’ve never been here in the summer but I just might have to remedy that!

Oh! I have to mention that the ice above made this beautiful crinkling sound. It was in perfect harmony with the wind’s low howl.

Ice skating any one?

The wind and cold temperatures create these interesting sand sculptures.

I didn’t walk right to the end. Looked kind of slippery. I might’ve been braver but since I had two knee surgeries last year, I was a chicken. Where I took this picture from was as far as I went.

Can you spot Casper? Linda pointed him out to me. If you look at the left side of the rail on the right, you can see our friendly ghost.

St. Joe’s was such a nice, friendly town. I loved it. Once again, I posted too many pictures. I always have a problem with not wanting to leave anything out! This is the last picture; I promise!

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