Beach Sand Art

You may not think sand could be interesting, but you might be amazed at what the wind and nature can whip up.

It’s a pancake. It’s a beach mushroom. It’s a flying saucer. No, it’s sand art!

This is how I imagine a flying saucer landing strip would look.

That one on the left has thin, multiple layers. A stack of pancakes perhaps?

Could these be footprints of beach creatures? Well, you have to use your imagination.

All of these pictures were taken at a beach in St. Joseph, Michigan in January 2022. Yes, it’s on Lake Michigan. You need some good lake wind to whip these babies up.

I was told that the wet sand freezes, then the wind blows away the loose sand and these tiny, sand sculptures are created.

These two pillars were just barely connected at the top.

I don’t want to be deceiving anyone, so I have to tell you that these natural, mini sculptures are not very big. They’re only a few inches tall. You could easily step on some without realizing it if you’re not looking.

Most would credit Mother Nature for all of this, but I would like to thank the true artist; our Father God. It’s amazing what he does!

15 Thoughts

  1. “I was told that the wet sand freezes, then the wind blows away the loose sand and these tiny, sand sculptures are created.” Yea, that is what the government will us in order to not reveal that aliens may come in different sizes that us! Be careful where you step! You do NOT want to make these little guys angry. Their ray guns may be more effective against big organisms! 😂

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  2. Mary, these are beautiful! I especially like the ones where you can see a pattern of light colors swirling through. You make me want to visit Michigan in the winter; however, my husband is a big baby when it comes to being cold! Thanks for this post. It’s probably the only way I will see such interesting sand art!

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    1. After my kids were grown, I started hibernating in the winter. A few years ago, I changed my mind and decided to not let the cold keep me inside. If you have the right clothing, it’s not bad and the snow and ice can be so beautiful. But… the cold weather isn’t for everyone! I’m glad you liked the pictures.

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