Blessings to our Canadian Friends

I’m a Michigander. Canadians have always been friends to us Americans. I’ve never once had to worry about our neighbors to the north. They are such friendly, loving people. It takes a lot to get them to protest, but they are protesting so it must be bad up there. I feel awful for them. I have heard different things about what’s been going on the last two years and I can understand and do support them for standing up for their freedom and rights.

I’ll let the videos of the Canadians tell the story of what’s going on. First I’ll let the kids talk.

This one above shows how the media and the government portrays the demonstrators and how they actually are. Quite a difference, but is that a surprise?

My heart, love and prayers are with the Canadians fighting for their freedoms. It’s brought me great joy and has uplifted my spirits to see them all coming together for the good of all their people. May God bless all of you!

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    1. Just to let you know: I know of at least one plant (probably more) in Michigan that told second shift to stay home tonight (February 9th) due to lack of parts that were supposed to come from Canada. Awesome! I hope their will be enough pressure on Justin Trudeau that he will give you the freedoms that never should have been taken away! May the people of Canada be blessed with victory!

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    1. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever had a bad experience with a Canadian. Oh, wait, I do remember one time seeing a man kind of rude to a clerk. If that’s the worst I can say, then my opinion that Canadian’s are wonderful still stands! “Canadians: the cream of North America!” Sounds like a slogan or ad.

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    1. Most of the truck drivers are vaxed. They’re against being mandated to get the vaccine. They’re against the tyranny. So, you’re right. They are being portrayed as anti-vax (wrongly) because a lot of them are vaxed. I don’t listen to the main stream media because they’re beholden to their wealthy stock-holders who have sketchy agendas. In other words – they lie. I have to dig on the internet to find the few that are telling the truth. I wasn’t aware of what’s going on in the world until a couple years ago. Covid made me start searching for answers and it’s opened my eyes. If I say any more, I’ll probably get censored, so I’ll end here. I wish them success and freedom!

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