Eric Clapton and Van Morrison for Freedom

These two guys are speaking out for freedom. For this reason, certain people will try to silence them and they might not get much air time. So, I’m just going to post their songs to help them out.

Eric Clapton has said that he won’t play at venues that require vaccinations. Kudos to you Eric Clapton! We should have a say about what gets injected into our veins.

Hopefully, this will stay up. Enjoy the music while you can!

2 Thoughts

    1. I’m hoping that I’m wrong and the vaccine is a good thing, because a lot of people have gotten it. I just don’t trust the people in power. They’re trying to punish and pressure those that don’t get it and that makes me more suspicious of it. I don’t like a two tier society either. Things are getting a little crazy out there!

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