Detroit’s Belle Isle

If you want to escape all the concrete and hustle, bustle of the city, Belle Isle is just around the corner in Detroit. It’s a 982 acre Island park.

When you see this sign for the park, you know you’re close.

People come here to bike ride, picnic with family and friends, walk, jog, fish, etc. There’s lots to do here.

You can view the heart of Detroit from the Island.

The huge building on the left is the GM building.

You can enjoy wildlife here.

Great place to picnic or have a barbeque.

Isn’t this fountain great? It’s even better close up.

The above pictures are close-ups of the fountain.

This is the James Scott Statute at the fountain. I looked him up on the web to see what marvelous things he had done. He donated the money for that fountain as long as a statute was done of him. Also, he…. well…. the site I looked at said he was…. a scoundrel. I think I only searched one site to be honest, so that’s all I know and it was their opinion. Did he do other marvelous things? I don’t know. I do love the fountain though!

I had to zoom in on this. From the island, it’s far in the distance.

This is my friend, Linda. Photography is one of her favorite hobbies.

Cameras are nice for getting close-up views. With the naked eye, it was quite a ways away and you couldn’t see all those details in the fountain and the buildings.

There’s a clock near the bottom of this. That’s one of the grandest clocks I’ve ever seen!

This bridge is on the island.

The conservatory. We were there on a Tuesday, so the buildings weren’t open. I’m assuming it’s open on scheduled days or the weekends, but I don’t know for sure.

That’s quite an assortment of fish!

You can enjoy a day on the pier fishing or relaxing.

There’s a lot to do here. If you’re a Detroiter or a visitor, this a great place to see.

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