Amazing Michiganders


We have lots of talent home-bred in Michigan.

Let’s start with Tim Allen as Tim Taylor the Tool Man.

Chief Pontiac was known for his bravery and leadership.

A weaver of beautiful poetry and art was Gwen Frostic.

Ted Nugent – a rock and roller and advocate for gun rights.

The boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson, who won lots of fights.

Casey Kasem brought us the latest and the greatest hits.

On the court, Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas are top picks.

We have Christie Brinkley, Charlton Heston and Bob Eubanks

Tom Selleck, Sonny Bono and Ed McMahon are among the ranks.

Ann Gildner and Dewey Blocksma are in The Walk of Art.

Also, John Gross and Julie Kradel; all sculptors with heart.  

Terry Wooten of Stone Circle is a great story teller.

Authors Mitch Album and Doug Allyn are also stellar.

Madonna, Eminem and Uncle Kracker are super.

Can you beat Kid Rock, Bob Segar and Alice Cooper?

The names Ford, Iacocca, Olds and Chevrolet;

for the auto industry – they paved the way.

For cereal we have Will Keith Kellogg and C.W. Post.

Daniel Gerber and James Vernors we also can boast.

Blue-collar workers had to join together and unite.

James Hoffa and Walter Reuther were leaders in this fight.

Mike Ilitch and Tom Monaghan were into pizza and sports.

Gilda Radner, Lily Tomlin and David Spade are comical sorts.

In the major league was Jim Abbott, our one-handed pitcher.

Floyd Mayweather and Al Kaline made our sports richer.

We have Gerald Ford, oh how presidential.

Then there’s Song of the Lakes and the Accidentals.

Charles Lindburgh was an early aviator.

Herbert Henry Dow, an industrial innovator.

Dan Severn “The Beast” won wrestling fights.

Rosa Parks was a leader, fighting for civil rights.

Some of these were born here and some of them came later.

They all contributed something and made our lives greater.

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