Bugging-Out Basics: Surviving in the Woods

I’m not a survival expert, but it’s my most recent interest. This world has gone a little crazy lately, so it doesn’t hurt to have survival knowledge, but it could hurt a lot if you need the knowledge and don’t have it.

You may think you’ll never need to survive in the wilderness, but there are endless scenarios that could make that necessary; like natural disasters, your plane crashes or your car breaks down in the wilderness, a communist take-over, etc.

I’m posting some that I thought looked informative and were on important topics, but like I said; I’m not an expert on this topic so I can’t vouch for the accuracy on everything. If you’re interested in survival videos, start with these and continue with others. There are endless videos out there.

I’m starting with this video that tells you how to dress if you’re surviving out in the cold, northern country.

Fire is important for purifying water, cooking food and for warmth.

Christopher Nyerges gives lots of good advice and his sense of humor makes it interesting. I chuckled a few times watching this.

Knots are a very useful thing to know. These instructions are easy to follow.

AlfieAesthetics has some great videos. I like that he gets right to the point and doesn’t waste your time. If you like this one, he has another one called 50+ Wilderness Survival Tips.

You should learn what’s edible. I read before that many people have starved to death while out in the woods and there was all kinds of edible plants around them. Learning what you can and can’t eat is important.

Another important thing to consider is a shelter. This next video shows how to build a simple shelter for the night if you don’t have any tools with you.

Next is how to purify water. Very important.

Finding the Safest Drinking Water. This is a good video. The only thing I would add is to boil the water also, just to be safe.

Caveman Cody will show you how to get water from a tree.

I’m doing several on water because everything I’m hearing says the average person can only survive three days without water, so this is important.

If you’re out in the winter, you will need a shelter.

Before picking out a backpack, watch this video.

I watched several videos on how to skin a squirrel. This one by Backwoods Gourmet gave the best instructions for skinning and cutting the meat up for cooking. That’s why I chose this one. The last half of the video is how to cook the squirrel like a gourmet cook would, which isn’t much use out in a survival situation. However, if you want your mouth to water, watch the last half of this video too. It looked delicious.

One more on how to build a bow drill fire because a fire is so important (and it’s only 4 minutes long!)

How about one for making a fire with flat rocks and a fiber roll?

Above is how to pack your bug-out bag. While reading it, you will see in blue letters, “bug out bag list.” Make sure you click on it.

Next, is picking out a knife. From my reading, I have discovered that the knife is your most important tool. You will see survivalist videos where they are using their knife for almost everything. One guy I watched said he goes out into the woods with only what he is wearing and his knife. Make sure you buy a good one. One guy said he makes sure he has three knives (different kinds for different purposes).

Well, these are awesome videos on survival. Watching these videos will be a good start in learning how to survive in the wilderness. Don’t stop here though. Find some more to watch. It’s interesting how resourceful these people are. The more you watch, practice and learn; the better your odds on surviving. I hope you enjoyed watching!

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    1. lol I’m glad you liked it. It’s so interesting seeing what all these people do with a few supplies and what nature provides. I’m learning so much. I hope I don’t have to use this information, but if I do… I’ll be ready.

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