Bringing in the New Year

The year 2020 has been a crazy one. Although it’s been a bummer for me; I didn’t have it bad at all compared to others. Many got Covid and had to fight to get better. Many have lost someone to Covid. Others had to be in the hospital – alone – because no one could visit them. Others had children or loved ones in homes or hospitals and were not allowed to see them.

Some have been victims to riots, violence or slander. Some have lost their jobs, businesses or their home. Usually, the end of the year is a time to look forward to the new year with optimism and hope. Maybe it’s me – but; even though I have seen some of the old holiday spirit, it’s been tempered and subdued this year.

Some of the unspoken questions are; Will life ever get back to normal? When can we get rid of these stupid masks? Are there going to be more man-made viruses, violence and riots? What does this new year hold for us?

Things look bleak, but like a bright light shining through a forest – I do have hope. I have hope because I know that most people are good. I have hope because I know the spirit of my fellow Americans. We don’t want to fight, but if we have to – we will. I have hope because of all the people around the world who have posted things on the net encouraging us to be strong and to fight the communists who have infiltrated our country and are trying to take over.

Most of all, I have hope because of my belief in a God who has never let me down. Yes, I’ve gone through things just like everyone else has, but he’s always been there to help me through it. Many times I saw little miracles that others would have called coincidence or a run of good luck. No, only God could have arranaged for those blessings to happen like they did.

I’m not going to let anyone break my spirit. I’m going into this new year with hope and strength to take on whatever comes my way.

I wish for all of you a blessed 2021 year. May you have strength and good health. May you prosper and find joy in the little things. May your cupboards be full (and may you never run out of toilet paper). May your friends, family and everyone you love surround you.

Have a blessed New Year! I love you all!

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