He Called Me Beloved

I have no fear.
I'm a beloved daughter of God.
The enemy may attack me,
but he cannot touch my soul.
You may despise me, curse me, think ill of me,
but the Lord has gathered me to be his own.
Foes may surround me,
but on eagles wings I will be rescued.
I may be beaten down,
but I will be restored.
The Lord himself will wipe away my tears.
I will no longer be an orphan.
He will wrap his loving arms around me.
I will sit at his table and live in his kingdom forever.
I am a beloved child of God.

Note: I was told that someone I know is going through a hard time. She is being verbally attacked. Even though this has brought her sorrow, I heard that she said it hasn’t gotten her down because she knows she is a child of God and she is loved. Her words inspired me to write the above poem.

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