Tae Karrah

Hello, my name is Tae Karrah, or at least it should be,

because I take care of the things that I see.

I take care of Mrs. McGregory who tucks her skirt in her underwear.

I take care of Aunt Tildy at the Nursing Home who sees things that aren’t there.

I take care of the drunk when he walks through the door.

Everyone else ducks under the counter and hides on the floor.

I take care of the monsters that hide under the bed.

I get out my monster zapper gun and shoot ‘em all dead.

I take care of the dishes – no one else seems to know how.

I take care of the baby who wants his supper and he wants it NOW!

I take care of the mystery of where the cheese is.

Why!  Who would’ve thunk it?  It’s there in the fridge!

I take care of “Mr. Sunshine” who will “take his business elsewhere for good.”

He’s been saying that for seven years.  I wish that he would!

I take care of the bills – they say I’m a whiz.

Do they really think I’m falling for any of this?

I can’t wait ’till I go insane. I’ll be as happy as could be,

’cause somebody, finally, will Tae Karrah me!

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