Grandma’s Closet

After Grandpa’s passing, (James Campbell), Grandma started to go downhill fast. Some of her kids were over helping her and hanging up clothes in her closet. They found numerous nightgowns people had given her with the price tags still on them. They were beautiful and she had never worn them.


“Ma,” her daughter asked, “why didn’t you ever wear these?”


Grandma shrugged her shoulders, uninterested;  “I was saving them for a special occasion.”


She had raised her children during The Great Depression and was accustomed to being frugal. You must always save for that rainy day. It seemed sad that she didn’t get a chance to wear them while Grandpa was alive and she had no interest in wearing them after he had passed. Her and Grandpa had been so close. Instead of wearing, night after night, that one old nightgown; she could have been enjoying those nice ones.


I use this lesson in my life. If I have nice clothes, I wear them. If I have guests or family over, I bring out the good plates. I don’t see the President, Queen or anyone else famous visiting my home any time soon, so I will use my best for my family, my friends and myself.


Yes, you must prepare and save for the future, but you must also enjoy today.


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  1. It’s definitely a delicate balance! Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, and while it is important to save up, it’s also so important to live, because you don’t know what happens next–or what doesn’t happen next. Great anecdote article!

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