#12 Wright Street Falls


The Wright Street Falls on the Dead River was the last, but not the least, of the twelve falls we saw on our May 2017 trip.





Look at those rocks. They kind of look like molding clay.



It was a nice walk along this river.



The Dead River is anything but dead.



Love the peaceful scenery.



These falls were near Marquette.



This is part of the trail, to give you an idea of walking conditions. Not bad.



When we went on this trip, I didn’t know I was going to start a blog. Starting with my next Falls, I’m going to give my opinion as to whether the trail is wheelchair accessible or not. Sometimes the beginning of a trail is wheelchair accessible and it gets rougher as you go along. I wasn’t paying attention on these first twelve falls, and I’m not going to rely on my memory, so I can’t help you on these. Unless, gee, I just might have to go back some day!



Wasn’t it nice of that tree to grow to the left so we could walk through? Some of the path had rocks and tree roots, etc. to look out for, but it wasn’t a bad trail. We plan on going on another trip this year, so I’ll have more falls, etc. posted this summer. (2018)

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