Then God Made Michigan

“It is good,” God said when he first made the light.

Next he made the first day and created the night.

He made a round ball that we call the earth.

To a whole new universe, he was planning its’ birth.

He created the waters. He created the seas.

He added vegetation. He added plants and trees.

He created the sun, moon and stars up above.

And the fish in the lakes, and animals to love.

He took a deep breath and looked at all he had done.

The waters, mountains, animals, plants and sun.

He was so pleased with this paradise he was giving to man,

that he stepped back gleefully and clapped his hands.

He placed fresh water in the middle of a huge, dry ground.

As the master artist, he signed it by splashing his hand down,

at the base of the water and pulled up his left hand;

raising, in the shape of a mitten, an expanse of dry land.

Pleased with his creation, he couldn’t contain his pleasure.

He had one more thing to do, just for good measure.

He placed his finger above and left of his hand print.

Then moved it right, in a jagged motion, above the mitt.

In this expanse, he formed waterfalls, shoreline drops and more.

It’s a place called the U.P. that many travel far to adore.

With his fingertip he excitedly splashed it down at the end

of the long, narrow peninsula and – voila! – Drummond Island.

Now that everything was set and put into place;

it was time for his most beloved creation – the human race!

Now you know how and why this world came to be.

God made it all for you. And he made it for me.

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