The Indescribable Man



I work in the shop where there are around 1,000 workers for each shift. I’m on the door line which has over 50 people. There are always people coming and going on our teams. They might move to another shift or job or retire. Then they get replaced by someone new. Often we don’t know everyone’s name. If you’re telling someone about someone else, you might end up having to describe them.




“It’s the lady on Team 3 with the big hair.” Or “It’s the short, stocky guy in wheel and tire with the beard and gravelly voice.” Most people have some unique feature that makes them stand out.




There is a guy, however, who occasionally comes to the door line. Because I was really bored and because I like to write; I wondered how I would describe him.




He was thin and a little on the tall side. His skin was pale and his short, light-colored hair blended into it. He wore silver, wire rim glasses; not very memorable. His eyebrows blended in and weren’t very noticeable either. His nose? It’s smack-dab in the middle of his face so you’d think I’d remember it. Nope. I don’t, so it must not be very big or odd-shaped. His lips are thin and his mouth not very big. He rarely laughs, so I’ve never seen his teeth.

I pondered over him. Everything was average and non-descript. There had to be something that set him apart. Nope. There wasn’t. I finally gave up. I couldn’t describe him. Or……maybe I just did.



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    1. Oh yes! I’m off work right now because of the virus and I’m enjoying my writing time. It’s horrible that this thing is going around, but since I have to stay home; I’m trying to make the most of it. Stay healthy!

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