Bad Bread, Bad!





What’s up with this sudden hatred of bread? I love bread. Hot, out of the oven with butter melting on it. Yum. Garlic Bread? Even yummier.





Bad bread. Bad!





“Don’t eat anything white,” they say. That’s food discrimination! Myself? I’m an equal opportunity food lover. I want color. I want variety. I want scrumptious, savory flavors.





I understand that processed sugar is bad and white bread isn’t the best for you, but some people have gone to extremes. They won’t eat any, not even a spoonful, of noodles, pasta, rice, potatoes or corn. “They turn to sugar!” they say. Come on, people! Vegetables? Table is even in its’ name. It belongs there!





They won’t even eat fruit, except berries. Now you’ve gone too far!








I’m still a believer in the 5 basic food groups; meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables and chocolate. Okay, maybe chocolate isn’t one of them.





So, what does the bible say about bread? Well, it says Jesus broke bread – not because it was bad. He broke the bread to SHARE it.





I guess I’m just set in my ways. I want a bun for my hamburger. If you don’t have a shell or wrap, it’s not a taco! I think we got in the habit of over-eating bread from the depression days. They didn’t have a lot, but they did have bread, so they had it with every meal. It filled up hungry bellies. Thus, we continue eating lots of bread, MAYBE more than we should.





I’m a believer in three meals a day. Probably because my mom was a diabetic and she’d freak out if someone stopped eating or skipped a meal. Just cut down on the fattening foods, eat smaller portions and trade out the junk food for healthy choices.





Some people find something negative to say about a lot of foods I was always told were good for you. Come on folks! I can’t live on carrots and peas alone! Oh wait, are peas bad too now? Do they turn to sugar?





I’m not a nutritionist or anything like that and if you look at me, you’re probably wondering why I’m giving advice on diets. Well, I don’t know why I am either. I’m terrible at diets. I know what I should do, but doing it is the hard part. You have to be in the right mind-set and be determined to make some sacrifices or it won’t work.





I don’t actually do diets any more. I do what I call ‘tweaking.’ I just make some healthy, minor changes to how I’ve been eating.


If you tell someone you’re on a diet and they see you eat a candy bar, you know what they say. “I thought you were on a diet. What diet is it? The candy bar diet? Ha ha ha!” I never tell someone I’m dieting, because I still will eat some of what they think I shouldn’t and I don’t want their judgments or lectures.


I was inspired to write this, not because I’m someone you should listen to when it comes to losing weight (you probably shouldn’t listen to me) but because I worry about people who go to extremes. Eat healthy. Diet sensibly.





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  1. I loved this, especially since I’m trying the whole low carb life style but I agree we should be equal opportunity food eaters and if we only eat berries and certain foods our bodies will be missing a lot of other vitamins. I like to eat what I love but in moderation. Life is short eat the bread.

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