#46 Silver River Falls




Silver Falls is near Copper Harbor. It’s close to the west side entrance to the Brockway Mountain Scenic Drive.





I love that bridge. What a nice back drop for the falls.








The path that we took down to see the falls was short and a little rough. It drops quickly here.





This is more of it.





You can see the road rail at the top.





There are people on the bridge. You can see the falls from there. Of course, it’s also nice to get the view from down river.





Love that bridge. Did I say that already?





I got this close-up so you could see under the bridge also.





When we were walking back from our semi-difficult path, we looked across the river. It looks like we could have taken those steps down on the other side. It would have been a much easier walk, but no, where would the adventure be in that? There you have it – Silver River Falls!





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