I get in the car and close the door.

Flip the visor down and put my shades on.

Instantly I’m transformed.

Click of the seatbelt, turn of the ignition.

I put my hand on the shifter.

Something sensual… powerful…freeing…

A smile comes to my lips as I hit the open road.

Shift, shift again.  Faster…Faster….

Passing houses – the occupants are sleeping in.

Not me… the road calls.

Been needing this for so long.

Lake Huron appears on my right.

Climbing up the mitten.

Sandy beaches, rocky beaches, crashing waves.

The sun is rising and the dawn breaks into day.

I pull in. The beaches are empty.

Sun worshippers wait for the heat.

But this is the best time.

Hazy… Sleepy gray… cool breeze…

I walk along the beach with a bounce in my step.

Shoes removed.  Wade and splash along the shore.

I’m a kid again.

I stop at a beach every now and then,

as I coast on up to the “Big Mac” bridge.

I eat my picnic lunch as I stare at the cables and steel.

Gateway between two worlds….

Cross over to the U.P.

Land of Waterfalls, Pictured Rocks, Porcupine Mountains,

Lake of the Clouds…..

Lake Superiors icy cold depths dare you to venture in.

That will be another adventure… another time…

I just have today.

I drive down the west side as the sun heats up.

It’s following me.

Window down, Radio up.  Wind on my face.

Feel so good inside.

From the rocky Petoskey Shore to

the Sandy Beaches of Sleeping Bear.

Enjoying the sights, art shops and people I meet.

Enjoying the day.

The sun is going down.  The beaches are crowded with

families and lovers.

All have come to watch the sun say good-bye.

It’s a glorious finale to the perfect day.

Bright oranges fade to black and gray…

Silver moonlight sparkles on the water

lighting a path to the shore.

It’s time to go.

Zip across the state into the blackness to go back home.

All alone…but this does not make me sad.

This time was for me.







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