#31 Superior Falls




Superior Falls is a great name for these falls. Not only is it by Lake Superior but the drop here is amazing. Stay away from the edge! See how that tree is growing on a curve? It’s a long, long drop down. No survivors I’m sure if you fell.










This is the trail to Lake Superior. If you’re here to see the falls, you’ve got to see the Lake too!




The trail drops sharply here.




I love it when benches are provided. You can just sit, relax and take in the views. No hurry. No worries.







Back to the Falls.




This gives you a good idea of how big of a drop there is here.







It’s not too safe to get any closer than this. You never know when the ground will give way.




Love this picture.




This is part of the trail to the falls.




I’ll be honest. It’s possible that I might have, maybe, kind of went a little closer than the sign recommends to get some of my pictures of the falls. I definitely stayed far, far away from the edge though! I made use of my zoom feature to get some of these shots. It’s a ways down there. Be smart. Stay safe.




That’s the falls in the distance. What’s in a name? A lot. Superior fits the bill!

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