Precious One

Oh Precious One.


A smile for a butterfly in flight.

A tear for someone you see on TV suffering.

“Why are people so mean?”

I don’t have the answer for that, little one.

I want to protect you-

shelter you from all harm,

But I must let you grow

and experience the world.

You have helped me so much-

helped me to learn to be a kid again.

The simple pleasures, as I, by your side,

swing high in the air,

or sit in the sand making sandcastles

or splash in the water.

The wonder and joy on your face

each Christmas morn.

You make holidays joyous again.

Your giggles make me giggle too.

I hope you don’t mind –

I use you as an excuse to enjoy childish things.

I love your cookie-crumb smiles

and your home-made masterpieces

that I hang on my wall.

Oh Precious One,

May the world be kind to you.


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