Once Upon a Book

Once upon a time in a village called Frankenmuth, there was a fantabulous book event called Once Upon a Book. (This is a true story folks!)




There were horse drawn carriages.




The buildings have a story-book look to them. You feel like you’re in a magical place.




You wouldn’t believe the magic that went on inside this building. Come on in. I’ll show you.




On Saturday, I went to the afternoon book signing event. I got to meet Donna Dull (who is anything but dull). On Friday she was wearing a unicorn hat. She was one of many authors on the discussion panels Friday afternoon. They gave lots of great advice and it was lots of fun. Imagine being in a room full of authors – all of which have lively, creative imaginations. I was having a great time!






Tish Thawer had a full table with lots of books to her credit. She’s a very classy, sexy, successful lady. As the sign says; she has won awards.




It wasn’t all adult books. This is Laura Hamrick. She had one of many tables with children’s books.




This is my good friend, Misty, who told me about this event. She is with author Wayne A. Bibbs. I went there with the intention of only buying books for my grand kids because school is starting; but I had to buy that book in his hand! Lifting Your Spirits. I’ve already started reading it. I love his stories!




These are the books that I bought for my grand kids. Sass E Frass  – Wait ’til You Meet Me by Laura Hamrick. Mermaids Can Ride Bicycles by Deedle Miyares. The Spunky Monkeys. A Christmas Full of Surprises by Sarah Allerding. (She was 14 years old when she wrote this!). A Roosters Tale by Charles R. Stern. Illustrated by Erin Abramowicz. Adventures of Toy Boy and the Unexpected Experience. Adventures of Toy Boy and the New Kid at School by Smith Barner. As a bonus for one of my purchases, I got Daddy’s Shoulders. At this event, you get lots of freebies. Sometimes you get something extra when you buy a book. For example: I bought a book and was given a free children’s back pack with some supplies inside.


There were so many adult books to choose from. Next year I’m bringing a larger budget so I can get books for myself as well as my grand kids. Fantasy seemed to be the biggest category this year, but there was plenty of other types of books also; mystery, westerns, romance, etc. etc. etc.





This is Deedle Miyardes and she wrote Mermaids Can Ride Bicycles! I was so impressed with this young lady. I bought a copy and got her autograph. I think she said she was nine years old when she wrote this! More kids should write and get published, because who knows better what kids like than kids?




This is Misty with her cousin, Stacey Rourke. Stacey is a phenomenal person who organized this amazing event. She, of course, is an author who has had much success.


Misty is a big fan of audio books. They’re becoming the big thing because people love to read, but don’t always have time to. Lots of people listen to audio books in their car. Misty listens to them sometimes while working on the line. I love watching her expressions, because she might burst out laughing or she might have such a serious, intent expression on her face that I’m curious what’s going on, but don’t want to interrupt an intense moment.


For some reason I didn’t take any pictures on Friday, just Saturday. So, I didn’t get a picture of the featured speaker Quinn Loftis. She is quite an inspiration. Her compassion for others came through vividly and now I’m going to have to read some of her books!


If you love to read and/or write; you have to go to some of these type of events. You get to meet the authors, buy their books, get their autographs and have a great time meeting people! I had to work Friday night so I didn’t get to go to the toga party. Next year I’m taking a vacation day so I don’t have to miss Friday night!


I went to this event because it was highly recommended by Misty. Also, it was something I wanted to do as part of my journey to becoming an author myself. I wanted to watch and learn from some of the best. Hopefully, next year my book will be out on the market and I’ll be able to have a table myself to sell my books!


After this spectaculous event; they all went home and lived happily ever after!


The End.



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