Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

If you’ve never stayed at a B & B, do it. Instead of staying at a hotel on your next trip, choose a B & B. They’re fantastic. This is the typical scenario.  B & B’s are usually owned by a retired couple. Their kids have grown up and left. Now they have a big house with several empty bedrooms. They love people. They have to. Why else would they invite strangers to stay at their home all the time?



Deer Head Inn


Their homes are immaculate and cozy. The bedspreads are usually big, comfy homemade quilts or down comforters. You feel like you’re in a home (because you are) and you’re the honored guest. I don’t know why most people never try a B & B. I never did until I was in my 40’s. One was a big old farm home with a spacious yard and beautiful flower gardens. One was regal and majestic and I felt like a queen. The other was in a small, quaint harbor town with lots of sailboats docked. Hold on. The best part is still to come:


Breakfast! They tell you what time breakfast will be served. (I’m sure if that time doesn’t work, they will accommodate you) You must go or you’ll be missing out. They pride themselves on having a fabulous breakfast – and they do. They don’t know what you like so they make sure they have several options available. They might have fresh, squeezed orange juice or real waffles – not ones frozen in a box and put in a toaster. They have egg choices and meat choices. Most have their favorite recipes that they’re proud of. It might be freshly baked tarts, biscuits, muffins or pastries. Who knows? At one I stayed at, oatmeal was one of their many options. I like oatmeal, but I don’t love it. Their oatmeal was amazing. I don’t remember what they had in there: fruit, raisins, dates, nuts, honey, maple syrup, brown sugar? I don’t remember. It was long ago, but I went ga-ga over oatmeal!








Sleeping Bear Bed & Breakfast


If you’re the only one there at breakfast, you have a mini-banquet set before you and the hosts undivided attention. Gee, it was awful being pampered, but I blundered through it. If there are several couples or individuals, you feel shy at first, but the hosts take care of that. They might get the conversation rolling with questions like “where are all of you from” or “what brings you to our town?” Everyone warms up and the conversation gets going.


I can’t promise you what they will have for breakfast or what the experience will be like because each one is different. They’re not like a hotel chain where each one is exactly the same and that’s what’s great about them – being pleasantly surprised.








Arcadia House


You need to pamper yourself and try a B & B at least once. It’s a pleasant time. If you do stay at one, tell them Michigan Mary sent you. It won’t get you any special offers or anything but it might get a conversation started.


These are a few I stayed at. All in Michigan of course! Check out their menus. Yum!

Deer Head Inn in Mackinaw City.

Arcadia House Bed & Breakfast  South of Frankfort

Sleeping Bear Bed & Breakfast Empire







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