V-A-N-G-O and Vango was it’s Name-O



Each region has it’s own food specialties. Michigan is no different. While up in Marquette, we were told to go to Vango’s and try their Cudighi sandwich.




They’re in downtown Marquette.



This is their new patio they just added on.


We ordered the praised Cudighi (cood-a-ghee) with the works. This included the cudighi with pork sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. It also came with waffle fries with a special dipping sauce that had a dill flavor to it. It was soooo delicious.








On the way up north, we pulled off I-75 just before the Mackinac Bridge and went east. It’s hard to miss this building if you’re near it. We just had to stop in!




The staff was very friendly.




They even honored me by crowning me with their weinerlicious hat.




I just loved the building. It had a 50’s feel.




This business is on my Michigan’s list because… They serve KOEGEL’S hotdogs! The best!








Everyone knows that Pasties is a favorite of the U.P.  It’s an unwritten law in my head that if I cross the bridge to the U.P., I can’t come back until I’ve had a Pastie.




This is a Pastie. Each restaurant makes them a little different, but usually they have potatoes, meat and vegetables in them. You can get gravy to put on it but I love mine the way it is!



Oh Fudge!




Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Fudge is popular everywhere in Michigan, but some of the places most famous for it are Mackinac City, Mackinac Island and Frankenmuth. Yum! You can see I made sure I bought some!









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