Presque Isle Park

Presque Isle Park is north of Marquette. It’s not an island, but it juts out into Lake Superior and is surrounded by water on three sides. That whole area is a park and the road that goes around it is designed for sight-seeing and has a lowered speed limit. Great area to walk or bike and take in the sights.


This is the light at Presque Isle Park. That’s about as far as I walked too. I pictured my clumsy self rolling off that cement and into the water.


May 2017. South side of the park. This is a typical park when you first enter – picnic area, restrooms, parking, etc., but the views are anything but typical.



The shoreline was gorgeous.



This picture was taken from one of the scenic turn-outs. There was spectacular shades of color in the water.



Another beautiful view. Ahhhh.



We did a lot of walking along these black rocks.



There’s a place among these rocks where people go to jump off and into the water. Not this girl! Check it out:


If you like climbing up and down – here you go!


This is deceptive. This is where I was told people jump off. Again – it’s a lot higher than it looks.


Another fantastic day!

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