I’ll Get There

I have walked many paths,

And I have found my way.

No more knocking myself into the ground

Or letting my thoughts get twisted like clay.

Like standing on shifting ground,

the crowd has tossed me about.

Haunting, chanting, chiding me to do their will.

I followed like a mindless robot.


Zombie-like, I’ve let them

lead me to my own ruin.

Never sure of what my thoughts were.

In my mind, they connived and did spin.

Struggling, reaching, searching,

I’ve climbed out of the bottomless pit.

To where I could see clearly,

On the mountain of my soul to sit.


The hazy fog lifts and the

scales drop from my eyes.

I now can see who my friends are

and recognize the spider weaving lies.

I walk with a bounce,

lightly, but aware and in tune.

I know where I’m going

and I’ll get there soon.

I have walked many paths,

and I have found my way.





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