#8 Miners’ Falls and Miners’ Castle

Miners’ Falls and Miners’ Castle are near each other.


This is the path through the woods to the falls.



This tree was the most amazing thing. Back in this woods, protected from harsh winds and the ground being flat, we have this one tree with exposed roots. None of the other trees were like that. They were “normal.” Why did it grow like that? I kind of feel like there’s a children’s book in this about a tree that dared to be different. Maybe it grew legs and went on adventures at night? What do you think? If you know why this tree would be like that or if you have an interesting made up theory, please share.


Miners’ Falls, May 2017



Miners’ Falls, May 2017



Same path. Different spot.



We’re up high here and I took this picture looking straight down. The colors were beautiful.



This was taken from the same spot as the last picture, but we have in the distance, Castle Rock. You can see how it got its’ name.



This is a picture of Lake Superior, not far from Castle Rock. Doesn’t she look calm and peaceful? Ahhh, but Lake Superior is a deceptive Mistress. Don’t get her riled up!


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