Once upon a time,

I was smart.

Once, I was beautiful

in your eyes.

I could do no wrong.

Your eyes lit up when I walked in the room.


Nothing I do is right.

You see my every flaw and never fail

to point them out.

I see contempt when you look at me.

You do not need fists or angry blows.

Your words knocked the wind right out of me.

I cannot sing.

I cannot dance.

I cannot dream.

You took that away from me!

I long to dance where sunbeams caress my skin,

and I can feel free and feminine.

My soul soars inside of me.

You cannot touch me unless I let you.

I will fight to hold onto me.

Words bursting to come out.

I’ve got to let them be!

I WILL dance.

I WILL write.

I WILL sing.

I’ve got the right.

You cannot take it away from me!


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