Music makes me feel alive.

I can close my eyes and lose myself in it.

It touches my soul

and stirs emotions I keep locked inside.

I try to be what I know I should be.

My faith helps me walk that narrow line.

But when I’m alone…

I crank that radio up loud and

belt out a song gloriously out of tune.

The music surges and pulsates through my veins.

I let the rhythm and beat move me,

expressing the passion, the joy and the

rage that hides within.

Jumping around the living room like

a caged animal gone mad.

The freedom I feel and the joy that

possesses me cannot be described.

I feel alive!

Music to tame the savage beast?

I think not!

It wakes the animal hiding in me.

Tomorrow.  I again will be all politeness and smiles.

But for now,

I’m enjoying the dark side of me

for just a little while.

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    1. Thank you! Sorry for the delay. I didn’t know I had to go into my gmail to get my comments. You were my first comment! I have to approve them it tells me. I now have the power to silence someone or give them a voice. Mwahahaha! I’m not sure if this is going to your email or on my blog. I guess we’ll find out!


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