Michigan Mary

This blog is for anything book related: writing, reading, authors, getting published, etc. I am in the process of getting my manuscript published. It will be a suspense / romance novel and most of it takes place in Michigan.

To some people, self-publishing would be easy. For me though; I didn’t grow up in the high-tech era. In my high school typing class, half the type writers were electric and we thought we were really something. The other half were manual typewriters that you had to press the keys hard and sling the carriage back at the end of each line. I am currently working with Mission Point Press and hope to  have my book out in early 2019. It’s been a lot of fun and I am pleased with how everything is going so far.

Figuring out blogs, posting pictures, getting published, etc. will be a learning experience for me. Hopefully, with a lot of help from my friends, this blog will continually get better.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress on my book. Thank you for your support!


UPDATE:  Yes! I did it! In February, 2019, my book “Return to Sleeping Bear” by Mary K. Eastman, has finally come out. You can order it on http://www.Amazon.com

My author website is http://www.marykeastman.com  Thank you for your support! Love ya’s!

UPDATE OCTOBER 2021; 2019 was a fun year. I was published and enjoying the fulfillment of my life-long dream of becoming an author. Then…. 2020 hit with the corona virus and everything else. Man-made viruses, being pressured to take a vaccine, our freedom of speech being taken away and being told we couldn’t go to church, but liquor stores were open. It was like they were attacking our religious freedoms too. What was going on? Was this even American anymore? Researching and finding out what was really going on became my focus. Searching scriptures about end-time prophecies became a big interest of mine. It looks like we’re heading that way. Also, a one-world government that wants to control everyone and everything seems to be in the making. Through-out my adult like, God has always been important to me, but right now he’s become more important than ever. The fight between good and evil is becoming all too real, so scriptures have become my main focus.

However, I still love Michigan, nature, poetry and books, so they will still be creeping into my blog now and then. I love to write and I write about whatever captures my interest. You will find a variety of topics on my blog. I hope you will enjoy!

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