Starting the New Year

I remember talking one day to a guy I worked with named Leo. I asked Leo if he had a good word for the day. He said “Let me think about it.” He walked around the doors and started laughing. “Mary, come here, come here,” he said.

I walked around the doors. He pointed to a guy down the line who had a T-shirt on with pictures of a big jar of relish and a big jar of mustard. In big letters were the words:


Wow. How perfect.

As I was sitting here wondering what my first post of the new year should be about, that popped into my mind. That’s what I want to do this year; relish Jesus.

I have to admit I was in a negative mood because I brought the new year in, alone on the couch with my new friend covid. (Thank you Fauchi! You shouldn’t have!) But, I decided I’m not going to let the evil forces bring me down. There’s lots of good in the world and I’m blessed to have wonderful people in my life who have been there for me.

God is good. Let us all remember to relish Jesus and all the blessings God showers down on us. May all of you have a blessed new year!

6 Thoughts

    1. I’m still feeling icky, but it’s not getting worse. Hopefully, soon, I’ll start getting better. Thank you for the prayer! I practically never use the word “relish” but it’s perfect for how we should feel toward God. Love it.


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