The Healing Methods of Jesus

When Jesus started his ministry, he was preaching and healing the sick. News of this spread throughout the region. People came from long distances to have themselves or their loved ones cured. They also wondered if he was the long-promised Messiah. Crowds gathered wherever he went. They pushed forward hoping to just touch his garment so they could be healed. They climbed up trees just to get a glimpse of him as he walked by. He had compassion on these people and didn’t want to turn any of them away. He had to work to find just a little time to rest and pray.

He could have made it easy on himself. When he had crowds of thousands there, he could have stood on a big boulder, stretched out his arms and shouted out “May all of your illnesses and infirmities be healed!” They would have been healed, then he could preach a few hours and maybe have time to go on a fishing trip with his buddies, the disciples, in the afternoon.

No. That’s not what he did. He knew that many of them needed more than just physical healing. Back in that day it was believed that if you were born blind or paralyzed, etc. then it was either because of your sin or the sins of your parents and you were being punished. Many people born this way thought they were worthless and didn’t even deserve to be healed. To them, he might say, “your sins are forgiven.” What a wonderful blessing to have that guilt and worry removed! He seemed to know who needed to hear those words, because he didn’t say that to everyone.

He also would heal some people from far away and for others he would walk to another nearby town to heal them in person. Even if we don’t know why he did that sometimes, we know that Jesus always has a reason for everything he does. Somebody there needed more than a physical healing. They needed the Messiah.

The bible also mentions that as he was walking, if someone touched his tunic, power would flow from Jesus and they would be healed. This happened often and usually Jesus kept on walking, but not this one day. When he felt the power go from him, he stopped and asked “Who touched me?” They kind of laughed, because there was a crowd pressing against them. It could have been anyone. Jesus didn’t stop. For some reason, he had to find this person. The woman who touched him realized that she had to confess and she came trembling forward. She had been suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years. She was considered ceremonially unclean and shouldn’t even be out in public yet, she touched the tassel of the Messiah’s tunic! Jesus gave her these comforting words, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace.” Now she could go home with her mind at peace and enjoy being healthy. She didn’t have to worry that she had done something wrong and might be found out.

Another thing I noticed is that Jesus used different words for different people. For some, he would just say “Rise, get up and walk.” For some he would ask them if they wanted to be made well or if they believed. For others he would tell them to go and sin no more. He knew everyone’s needs and their weaknesses and he addressed them.

One thing I found interesting was what he would say when he rose someone from the dead. He often told those around him to get that person something to eat. I never really thought about it before, but it seems that dying and being raised back to life leaves a person famished!

I also noticed that the way he healed sometimes varied. For some he just spoke the order and they were healed. For others he used a prayer or a prayer and a touch. For Peter’s mother-in-law, he held her hand. For others he laid his hands on them. Then there are the times where he gave them something to do like go wash in the pool of Siloam. He may even put mud on their eyes. We may not know why he used varying methods, but Jesus does and that’s all that matters.

Jesus is amazing. He is our personal Savior and complete healer. He doesn’t just want to mend our broken bones or rid us of our illnesses. He wants us to have faith and peace of mind.

How could anyone not love this guy? Our Savior is truly amazing and he hasn’t stopped loving us or taking care of us. Miracles are happening every day and, more importantly, souls are being saved.

Thank you, Jesus!

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