Gilmore’s Car Museum

Photo alert! This place was so amazing, I went crazy on the pictures. I’m only posting about half my pictures and it’s still way too many. Oh well, if you like cars; you’ll love it.

I had to start with the Gilmore race car of course!


I’ll just be honest. I don’t know much about cars, but I love looking at them. I’m not going to write much – just post pictures. Gilmore’s car museum is in Hickory Corners, Michigan. It’s a beautiful area with lots of farm land. If you’re not too far away, you need to take a drive out there.

This is one of their many barns.

You’re not going to want to leave once you get there, so plan on lunch at their diner.

You need to check their website for events. The day we were there they were having a “ride the classics” day. They had a few to choose from. No, they don’t let you drive, but they did let Donna sit in the driver’s seat so I could get pictures.


An old version of a dump truck.

The passenger seat has a meter on it. No sitting there!

To get the full appreciation of this design, you have to see it in person. It was remarkable.

Who doesn’t like a truck?

Sparkle. Sparkle. They had those vehicles shining!

They had one small barn with just hood ornament displays like this one.

They even had a little barn for the little kids. The big barns were for the big “kids.”

They had a replica Shell gas station. That was neat.

Yes, there was even a motorcycle barn.

To get information on admission prices and special events, you can check out their website.

I always wanted a jeep. I’ll take this.

These are wooden tires for that camper behind it.

See why I had trouble limiting these pictures. Trust me – there’s many more that I haven’t posted. You haven’t seen everything.

They have a phone booth because they know you’ll want to tell your friends about this place. They even had a superman costume in there. Too funny.

Gilmore’s. The pictures say it all.

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