Detroit, A City With Soul

Detroit Motor City, Rock City, The City of Soul and Motown. Detroit is known for many things. There’s also Lions and Tigers and Red Wings – Oh my! Detroit has a lot to offer.

We’ll start with the Detroit Pistons.

Detroit’s rivers helped Detroit to grow. It was a great mode of transportation in the old days.

I had to put this picture in here. This huge building is the GM building, but what sign pops out at you? Ford. Too funny. You can see the Blue Cross Blue Shield logo too, but it’s tiny.

There’s plenty of amazing buildings and old churches to look at.

I had to work to get this picture of Rosa Parks (plenty of vehicles getting in my way) but it was worth it.

You have to love this!

Detroit of course has lots of factories. They’re not the prettiest to look at, but they do bring in jobs.

Love that tall building.

We even saw a cow there!

Ford Field.

I’m throwing in an extra Pistons picture. One more second and that semi would have blocked my view. I got a lot of good pictures, but missed a few good ones too because the car is moving and buildings and vehicles get in your way. There’s lots to see in Detroit.

Not too far outside of Detroit is Lake St. Claire. It’s a HUGE inland lake. You can’t see the other side.

Detroit and surrounding areas had just gotten lots of rain. The beach (Lake St. Claire) isn’t usually this wet I imagine. We were there on a rainy Tuesday, so there wasn’t a lot of people.

If the beach isn’t enough, they have bike rentals, a splash park and other things too.

Free concerts in the park – got to love that.

Our American Flag; what a perfect picture to end with. Because we live in a free country, we get to enjoy all these things. God’s blessing to everyone!

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