On God’s Holy Mountain

The wolf will lay down with the lamb,

on God’s holy mountain.

No more death. No more pain.

On God’s Holy Mountain.

I know it is sad to say

good-bye to a friend,

but their sickness and suffering

has come to an end.

There will be joy on God’s holy mountain.

I will enjoy these days

I have left here on earth,

but look forward to sweet reunions

with joy, love and mirth.

Oh, the sweet reunions on God’s holy mountain.

When I walk through those gates,

I’ll say hello to old friends

who will greet me with

hugs and joy without end,

on God’s holy mountain.

Our fuzzy, furry friends

will dance around at our feet,

when they run out, tails wagging,

and we’ll once again meet

on God’s holy mountain.

Best of all, we’ll see Jesus

and he’ll take us in his arms.

There will be joy and peace

and nothing will harm

on God’s holy mountain.

Isaiah 65: 25 The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like a cow. And dust will be the food of a snake. They will not harm or destroy anyone anywhere on My holy mountain, says the LORD.

The inspiration for this poem: My grandchildren took in a rescued kitten. It looked healthy and was having fun with the kids, but we soon found out it was sick. Their new friend passed away and of course they’re grieving the loss of their good friend, Snickers. While their hearts are breaking, we have the comfort in knowing we will see our loved ones – even our pets – again. The bible clearly states there will be animals on God’s holy mountain. May you always have peace in God’s promise of heaven.

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