Aces are Wild

Does Trump have a trump up his sleeve?

That’s what I’m hoping to believe.

Rolling over that easy just isn’t his style.

He’s holding close his cards; playing with a smile.

“I hope Pence does the right thing,” says President Trump,

but he knew at Bush’s funeral that Pence was a chump.

He must have a back-up plan waiting in line.

He’ll show his cards at just the right time.

Look at the flag. Let mysteries unfold.

It has a story that longs to be told.

Trump loves the flag and he loves the constitution.

To drain the swamp, has been his resolution.

Yah, yah, he does like to brag. Okay. Good grief!

We love our patriotic Commander in Chief!

He can brag if he wants. He gets the job done.

To turn this country around – he’s the best one.

The fake press said Biden won. Biden said it too.

But that doesn’t make their lie become true.

Treason! Treason! Lock up all the traitors.

Lock up the pedafiles. Make our nation greater.

He was attacked by the press, the left and the right.

The communists and foreign leaders also joined the fight.

Human traffickers and child abusers; he’s boldly taken on.

His list of accomplishments goes on and on.

Thank you God for your hedge of protection around this man.

You’ve seen the children’s tears and are making a stand.

You chose Trump because most others would crack.

Thank you! Thank you Lord for getting our country back!

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