A “Thumb’s Up” for Michigan

My friend Linda and I ended 2020 by doing a drive around Michigan’s thumb. We went to Port Huron the first day, then the next day we drove up the east side of the thumb and then down the west side.

This is the international Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron. It connects the U.S. and Canada.

I do believe this is the moon over the other side of the St. Clair River (Canada).

I had to get a picture of the Blue Water Maiden. She’s near the Blue Water Bridge.

Christmas in Port Huron. This is just one display in a park on the St. Clair River. For some reason my camera was getting finicky with night time pictures. Only a few turned out. All my pictures of the international flags were too dark to post.

Port Huron sure does have the Christmas spirit. There were lots of lights in front of homes and businesses. I looked down this street as I was driving and had to turn around and see it. At a quick glance from far away, it looked like bright bulbs suspended and floating in the air. We found out that they were attached to trees, but it still was amazing.

Linda was getting a little too chummy with Santa. I got jealous.

Santa forgot me this year. I had to pour on the charm so that won’t happen again.

A giant elf? A robber? Or…. Linda pretending to climb up the front of this fake doll house in the park.

The above pictures were all of Port Huron.

The next day we headed out and started driving north to the tip of the thumb. This is one of the first beaches we came too. That creamy snow is sprinkled with sand dust. How magical!

These swans were at Port Sanilac Harbor.

Harbor Beach Lighthouse

Due to covid and seasonal closings, we had to pass by quite a few parks. The thumb is such a beautiful area. There still was plenty to see, but we need to get our state back open. Families and businesses are hurting!

Ice tassels.

This is the boardwalk in Port Austin which is at the tip of the thumb.

Ice tentacles coming out of the ground! They’re alive!


This was so impressive and this was taken on New Years Eve 2020. I can only imagine the ice and snow monstrosities by February.


Proof that not all birds fly south for the winter.

They had this on an observation deck at Port Crescent Nature Preserve. Pretty neat.

The above three pictures were at Port Crescent Nature Preserve. This is a dark sky park and that is Lake Huron in this picture.

The rest of the pictures are of the west side of the thumb (near or in Caseville) with the westerly wind whipping across the Saginaw Bay (Lake Huron) and hitting the shore. It was such a contrast from the east side of the thumb. Brrrr.

This is a trail at a park to walk out to Lake Huron. The thumb is beautiful. If you’re in or near Detroit, Saginaw or Flint, it’s not that far of a drive. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Road ends. I’ll say!

6 Thoughts

    1. We had a great time. Yes, it was cold, but you just have to bundle up! One thing I’ve wanted to see in the thumb and haven’t yet is Turnip Rock. It’s in Lake Huron right at the tip of the thumb. Someone owns that shoreline, but you can see Turnip Rock if you kayak out there (there are Kayak rental places in the area). Pictures I’ve seen of it and the surrounding shoreline are amazing. I had reservations a couple years ago to do that, but they called us – the trip was cancelled because a storm was coming in. Maybe I’ll get to do that this summer.


  1. I grew up in Detroit and left Michigan when I was 18, only to return 9 years ago. I have started to explore the State, which is far more beautiful than most people know. Thanks for sharing these pics (I live in St. Clair Shores and plan to explore the Thumb this summer).

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    1. I agree. Michigan is absolutely gorgeous. I grew up in Warren, Michigan the first half of my childhood. If you go to my menu and then click on Adventures or Waterfalls; you will find lots of beautiful places to see in Michigan. I’ve got a list of places (in my mind) that I want to go to yet. Keep exploring! The thumb is beautiful! I’ve heard of Turnip Rock which is at the tip of the thumb. I guess you have to kayak out to it. That’s one place I want to see in the thumb yet.


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