#49 Scott’s Falls


Scott’s Falls was a unique experience for me because it was the first falls I’ve been to where I could actually walk behind it. That made it lots of fun.







I was behind the falls, looking out here. Pretty cool.









This is the only warning you’ll get for Scott Falls. Going up north, we were looking for it and never saw a sign. Either there wasn’t one for the west bound traffic or we just didn’t see it and zipped on by. We looked for it on our way home, going east, and there it was.





I was up by the road taking this picture. It’s so close to the road you’d think it’d be easy to spot, but there are lots of trees around it. You need to look for the sign.











Just peekin’ around the shower curtain!





Dancin’ in the rain!





Can you have too much fun?





Catching waterfalls!





Because of a story Deb told me, I decided to “take a shower.” Deb’s been here before (but it was my first time). Anyways, she said when she was here before a lady was having her son rinse the sand off of himself in the falls. They had spent the day at the public beach across the street and she wanted the sand off of him before he got in the car. Pretty neat. A natural shower just across the road from a public beach. How convenient!





This is that public beach.





Some more of that beach.




Lake Superior.





Back to the falls.








From the roadside you’ll see that “bridge” down there. If you don’t like the looks of that bridge, that little creek had a spot that you could jump over with minimal shoe wetting.





Again, this is from the road. If you’re outside your car you can see the falls from there.





We wanted to see the falls from the top too. We didn’t see an easy way to climb up, so we got in my car, drove east to the first road and turned right. We stopped at the first road (ORV trail) we found (above), parked and walked down here until we got to the falls.





This is the view from the top. We soon found out that it is climbable because we saw other people do it.








You’ve heard of photo bombers. I caught on my camera a photo exiter. She saw me taking pictures and assumed I wouldn’t want her in it, so she was trying to escape.





We got to talk to the photo exiter and she offered to take our picture for us. We don’t often get in pictures together. We were both wearing our “Return to Sleeping Bear” shirts; which I had made up to advertise my book that came out in February.





Just acting our normal, goofy selves.





Now it was time to head back to my car.





This was one of the views along the way. What a fun day!













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