#42 Alger Falls


Alger Falls is near Munising in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.




To see this view you just have to pull over and get out of your car. You have to really be looking for it or you might zip on by.













The above pictures are from the right side of the falls. I decided to TRY to climb up on my left side.




I can’t remember why Deb didn’t come down. Usually she’s the first one out there. Maybe because it was a tad bit mucky. It could be she was the smart one. Hmmm.













We were told that it rained the previous two weeks before we came up. Normally, it might not be this muddy, but I didn’t get very far because of the mud.





These guys were troopers. They climbed all the way up on the left side, crossed over and were coming down on the right. So, it’s doable.





I got muddy shoes, but it was worth it.








This was our first falls on our 2019 trip; not a bad way to start!


















2 Thoughts

  1. Hey thanks for the pictures of the falls. We didn’t spend much time on the Upper Peninsula and never hiked to any falls. We took a slight detour, saw a light house near a White Fish Bay and the beautiful rocks on the beach of Lake Superior. Well worth the left turn off our planned route. We stopped at Soo Locks and then on to Canada. A ferry ride brought us to Tobermory. Mike had dove the wrecks there years ago. We we spent the night at Big Tug Bay B&B. Good spot newly renovated and cheap. Hiked to the Grotto in the morning and more uniques beaches on Lake Huron. I have now been to all the Great Lakes and feel like a better person from the experience. In the afternoon back to Rochester and our Great Lake. Take Care Debbie


    1. I’ve been to White Fish Bay. It’s a beautiful view of Lake Superior. I would like to go to the Soo Locks and Canada one of these years – maybe do the Lake Superior Scenic Loop! It sounds like you had a fantastic trip with great views. There’s just so much to see and do! I’ve been to all of the Great Lakes except Lake Ontario. I need to do that too! (The list grows longer…) Thanks for responding. I love hearing from you!


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