#40 Lower Tahquamenon Falls


My friend Linda and I went up to see the falls just before New Years.  There was just enough snow to cover the ground and some ice forming.







The Tahquamenon River splits around an island. The right side of this picture is part of that island.





Linda’s camera had a zoom lens more powerful than mine. We couldn’t get this close to the falls, but her camera could.





Another shot of the same side of the island. It was harder from our view point to get close-ups of the other side.





Wow. It’s amazing what the right camera can do!





Love that light frosting on the branches!





Look at those icicles! Before long it could become a wall or curtain of ice!





Now, this is what we saw with our very own eyeballs. This is as close as we could get. If you come in the warm months of the year, they have a service open where you can rent a rowboat, row out there and go walk on the island. I did that a long time ago in the fall. It was absolutely beautiful. There was a path around the whole island so you got close-up views of both sides of the island and all of the lower falls. Definitely worth doing. These falls were beautiful to see in the winter. The only bad thing is you can’t go out on the island. It still was wonderful to see.


One more thought: I just remembered that when I was there years ago in the fall, there were a few people getting their picture professionally taken there on the island. It’s a favorite for senior pictures. Just a thought. If you live in the area or are visiting….





Snuck in another close-up.





This view is just below the falls. You can see the island in the distance.





I just love birch trees.





Lower Tahquamenon in the far distance.





This is Tahquamenon River a short ways below the falls.





Clouds to match the snow and then there’s that gorgeous blue sky peeking through.




I took a picture of this sign they had out there so you could see an aerial view of the island. It says the trail is 3/4 miles long.





They have nice paths to get back there and the viewing decks aren’t bad either. The Tahquamenon falls are very tourist friendly.





We had to walk a little ways along this road. We couldn’t take our cars past the parking lot. They had it closed off.





That’s exactly what we did! But we took memories of this amazing experience with us too!

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