#28 Bonanza Falls

I’m voting for Bonanza Falls as the most unique falls I’ve been to so far.




They’re unique because of the lay-out of the falls and the copper color. The parking lot is close to the falls but to get down to them, you have to walk down that steep decline that I have pictured above.

There were some young men there while we were there and they were walking across the falls. I’m not going to recommend it because you never know what lurks beneath the surface; rocks to trap your feet, strong currents to pull you under, etc.?

Another way this one is unique is the way that I’m posting it. For some reason my computer wouldn’t let me drag my pictures over to my blog (even though I’ve done it this way with all my other postings), so I asked for some help. My unnamed helper couldn’t get it to work that way either, but he managed to do the above collage. Pretty cool. I’m using it.

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