#26 Tibbets Falls



When we went to see Tibbets Falls, we saw this sign. We went in the direction of the arrow and couldn’t find the path. We walked up that little dirt road and still couldn’t find it. We were about to leave and saw a couple coming out of the woods. They told us they had the same problem too. When you see that sign, turn around and face the road; walk towards the road and when you are almost on the road, look to your right. That’s where the trail starts.




This is a Blue Blaze trail. Those blue marks on the trees let you know you are going the right way.




This is where the trail began. NCT is for North Country Trails. These trails are kept up nice. I’ve only been on a couple and I’ve been impressed each time.




We had to walk a ways through the woods before we got to the river.




A lot of work goes into these trails.




We were out in this wilderness, finally get to the river and there’s a mailbox! You get to sign in if you like. We did, of course!




This is part of the trail alongside the river.




Lots of rapids through here. We didn’t see any big waterfall drops, but the rapids and woods were beautiful.




The trail started winding upwards. We’re looking down on the river.








It’s amazing how nice they keep these trails. There’s a steep drop on the left and a steep incline on the right. Tall trees everywhere, yet this path was clear when we went through.




This is how most of this path was. Much of the time you could barely see the river. If you like long walks through woods with the river coming into view now and then, you’ll love this trail.






There were lots of pine trees.






Nice view and there’s a blue blaze mark again.




Love the variety of trees; especially the birch.






North Country. National Scenic Trail.  http://northcountrytrail.org

Deb and I never time our walks, but this was the longest trail on our 2018 trip. With the trees and the sound of the rapids, it’s a nice peaceful walk with great views.



















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