#16 Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls are south of Marquette off of 553.






If you like your path to have variety; this is it. There are stairs, trails, wooden bridges, walking down a dirt road and going up and down hills.







This is where the Carp River and Morgan Creek meet.






Love the rapids.









You have the choice of walking down the road, or on this path at the top of the hill or down by the river in most spots. Of course, you can’t see the river from the road, so what’s the point?




So peaceful.






In this spot there are steps to get down to the water and a walking bridge to get over to where the creek and river merge.




These are the Morgan Falls yet, they’re unnamed. Hmmm.




How much walking will you have to do? I honestly don’t know. When we were there, my Cruz would have bottomed out on that dirt road so we took Deb’s Mom’s truck. My car wouldn’t have made it at all, so we would have had to walk a ways down the road before getting to the falls. The truck made it quite a ways and we decided to not try to cross this mess. The walking distance depends on your vehicle, how much you want to see and the condition of the road. The river goes a long ways. Lots of nice views.





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