My Vacation Adventures: May 2018

I was so excited about my upcoming vacation to the west side of the U.P. that I kept talking about it at work. I came in early one day and was talking to the first shift guys. I told them I was going to be trekking back into the woods to see waterfalls and explore the Porcupine Mountains. They were concerned about my safety. Darryl gave me some advice and told me to bring a container of meat juices with me. If I saw a ferocious bear, bobcat or wolves, I should throw the meat juices on my friend.


Come on guys! I can’t do that! I’d never get the container open in time! (Just kidding Deb!)




Shawn and John were telling me that even the moose were dangerous.





But I found them to be quite charming.




How rude!




Okay. So, maybe Shawn and John were right. That moose needs to learn some manners!




It’s safe to pet the baby animals.




Or….maybe not!







The first few nights, we stayed at Deb’s Mom’s camp in Marquette. We walked along Lake Superior the Tuesday after Mother’s Day. There was still ice and snow on the shoreline. The next day it warmed up and all the ice and snow was gone.







On Friday, we stayed in Ontanagon at Scott’s Superior Inn and Cabins. You can find them on Facebook or call 906-884-4866.




Lake Superior, Ontanogan




This was our favorite place. Not only did we get friendly service, a clean room and comfy beds, but Lake Superior was just a short walk away. Location. Location. Location.


We also enjoyed staying at the R & R Hotel in Frankfort. (Nice view of the sunset on Betsie Lake)   and the Lakeshore Motel in Iron River. It’s on Ice Lake




You can find great deals in the U.P.  At this grocery store their store special has zero savings! Hmmm.




This was the front of the sign.




This was the back side of the sign. I guess they go into the Porcupine Mountains and never come out. I can understand that. I didn’t want to leave either.




I had to post a picture of this because I’ve never seen a swing like this before. It’s made for children in wheelchairs. That is such a wonderful idea! You roll the wheelchair up there and lock it in. Someone is supposed to swing with them on the other side. This was on Sunday Lake. Unfortunately, no one was using it while we were there so I didn’t get to see it in action, but I think it’s great that people make things like this so all kids can enjoy the simple pleasures of being young, like swinging on a swing.




I don’t know what was up with this dude. Rude!




The guys warned me about the vicious animals, but they never said a word about the gargantuan mosquitoes!




Or the huge birds! There must be something in the air or water. I wouldn’t want that bird flying over my head!







The roads were good, but you might have trouble getting down some of them at certain times of the year or if they’re way out in the wilderness. You need a vehicle like this.




Yoopers are famous for their sense of humor. I guess the Yooper crows are funny too!




We had a wonderful time. We saw 26 waterfalls, including the Grand Canyon of Michigan (Canyon Falls – above), the Porcupine Mountains and lots of beautiful shorelines. I never stop being in awe of God’s beautiful creations. Each waterfall is totally different from the others and there are hundreds of them in the U.P. alone!






Deb was so much fun. She didn’t mind taking all those goofy pictures for me. In fact, we were laughing so hard at times, it took a while to stop laughing and get the pictures. Since I’m not very knowledgeable about computers, Deb helps me if I have trouble posting pictures (I’m still in the learning process). She’s an amazing friend and we had a great time!


Thank you Deb!


The weather was great. We only had one day where our winter coats and gloves were needed and it didn’t rain even once!


Thank you George!



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