#10 Yellow Dog Falls


This is Yellow Dog Falls. Isn’t it beautiful? The whole trail was amazing.



At the beginning of the trail to Yellow Dog Falls, someone had left these walking sticks. It’s the only falls we had been to so far where someone had done that. We took that as a clue that we might need them. Debi and I each grabbed one and were glad later that we did.



This is a rock cropping that we saw travelling on County Road 510 (CR510) on our way to the Falls.



We stopped at the rock cropping to take pictures because of this. This is an example of Yooper humor. This stick is what’s holding up that rock ledge. No need to worry about avalanches now. Hilarious.


Just another angle of the same thing.



The river to Yellow Dog runs east and goes under CR510. When we went there, there weren’t any signs so we drove on past and had to come back. Keep an eye out for the river. We parked on the east side of the road and walked east on the south side of the river.



At these falls you’re out in the middle of nowhere. We saw a parked truck, but not one single person.



Pictures can only capture the visual beauty. Being there, you’re getting the adventure, fresh air, the animals, birds and the sound of the rushing water, etc.



This was on our May 2017 trip to the U.P. of Michigan.



On our nine day trip, we saw twelve waterfalls, so we made several hikes back into the woods. We didn’t see a bear even once, but this was the one falls that I kept waiting for them to show up. (It’s okay that they didn’t.) I even turned my head a few times to make sure there wasn’t one behind me, sneaking up on us. Can’t you see a Mother Bear and her cubs enjoying the day hanging out here? They could get a meal of fish and sun themselves on the rocks.



You are definitely out in the wilderness for these falls. We loved them!



This was a more open area. Another good area for nature’s creatures to come out for some sun and water.



Ahhh. This bridge was a little rough, but it worked.



This is just one example of those walking sticks coming in handy. Thank you to whoever left them there! If you don’t mind a trail that’s a little rough, Old Yeller is a must!



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