Letterboxing is a fun way to discover new places. Most of them will take you to beautiful, interesting or historical sites. You can find many letterboxing sites on the internet. One is http://www.letterboxing.org    They explain everything for you.


This search took us to the beach in Marquette. Not a bad place to be.


Last year was my first experience letterboxing. Deb has done it for years. There are different types. The one we did, you follow the instructions, find the box, stamp the book and put everything back the way it was. I’ve heard there are different types. Some have you go to one place, then there are instructions for the next place you are to go, etc. Some have you take something out of the box and leave something in its’ place. Others, you’re supposed to write a brief note for others to read.  I’m just beginning to learn about all this.


Sometimes it doesn’t work out. We looked for a letterbox on our way up to Marquette and we couldn’t find it, but we still had fun. Part of the enjoyment is the adventure and discovering new places.


One person told me how they heard of one at a lake they had never been to before, Arfelin Lake in the U.P.  They went there and they said the lake was absolutely beautiful. They decided to stay there to fish. They had a wonderful day. I looked up on the net pictures of Arfelin Lake. It indeed is beautiful!

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